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MS Trust launches MS Decisions to support people making treatment decisions

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People with relapsing remitting MS are now advised to consider treatment with a disease modifying drug as soon as possible after diagnosis. But according to a new MS Trust survey, most people find the decision process overwhelming and stressful. MS Decisions is a new independent guide to MS drugs that's designed to help people weigh up their options and make the choice that works for them.

People diagnosed with MS describe the experience of choosing a disease modifying drug as “frightening”, “overwhelming”, “stressful” and “confusing”, according to a new survey from the MS Trust.

This news comes in the wake of the consensus statement recommending people with relapsing remitting MS begin treatment as soon as possible after being diagnosed to have the best chance of slowing down nerve damage and disability and preserving life-long brain health.

There are now 11 disease modifying drugs for relapsing remitting MS available in the UK, and more in the pipeline. They aim to reduce relapses, are taken by injection, in pill form or via infusion and they each have complex risks and benefits. 87% of respondents to the MS Trust survey said they would welcome tools that could help them understand their options in the context of factors that were important to them.

To support people with MS in making these life-changing treatment decisions, the MS Trust has launched MS Decisions, an independent, interactive online guide to MS drugs. MS Decisions includes background information on all the treatments, answers common questions, helps people think about issues that are important to them about work, travel and family life, and allows them to compare different drugs at a glance.

MS neurologist Dr Paul Molyneux says: “We now have a wide and diverse range of therapies that is making the choice of therapy much more complicated. I am really excited about the new MS Decisions resource. It will complement the face to face discussions that people with MS will have in clinic, offering a tool people can use in their own time, to come to an informed treatment decision that is appropriate to them.”  

Amy Bowen, Director of Service Development at the MS Trust, says: “We are rapidly entering a new era in MS care, and, with tools like MS Decisions, the MS Trust is helping to lay the foundations. By helping people with MS become better informed about their options and have better discussions with their health professionals, we can make a real difference to their long-term health.”

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