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Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) approved for relapsing remitting MS in England and Wales

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NICE has approved ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) as a treatment for relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis on the NHS in England and Wales. 

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has recommended that ocrelizumab can be prescribed for relapsing remitting MS if:

  • you are experiencing relapses or have MRI evidence of new areas of MS activity, and
  • you are unable or unwilling to take Lemtrada (alemtuzumab)

This reverses NICE’s earlier decision that it did not intend to recommend ocrelizumab for relapsing MS.  The MS Trust responded to this decision, arguing that ocrelizumab would be a valuable additional treatment for people with relapsing remitting MS and for the NHS.

"We are pleased that NICE has reversed its earlier decision and has now approved ocrelizumab as a treatment for relapsing remitting MS in England and Wales.  It further expands the range of relapsing MS treatments by offering a different dosing schedule, a different mode of action, minimal monitoring and a low risk of side effects compared to existing disease modifying drugs."

- Jo Sopala, Director of Development

Following a recommendation by NICE, the NHS in England and Wales has three months in which to prepare for prescribing the drug. After that it is expected that the NHS will fund the treatment if a doctor feels it is appropriate.

Ocrelizumab appraisal for relapsing MS in Scotland

The SMC (Scottish Medicines Consortium) is currently reviewing ocrelizumab as a treatment for relapsing remitting MS by the NHS in Scotland. Their decision will be published on 9 July 2018.

Ocrelizumab appraisal for primary progressive MS

Both NICE and SMC are considering ocrelizumab as an NHS treatment for primary progressive MS (PPMS). 

NICE has begun their appraisal and the MS Trust has contributed to the process.  We expect NICE to announce their initial decision within the next few weeks, so keep an eye on our website for further updates.

SMC plans to begin their appraisal of ocrelizumab for PPMS later this year.

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