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Why we’re launching a new project to ensure more people can access the best possible MS care

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MS Forward View aims to define the development and improvement of MS specialist care

The MS Trust welcomes the new guidelines from the Association of British Neurologist for prescribing and monitoring MS DMDs. However, we know that they pose a big challenge for existing MS specialist services

There are 130,000 people in the UK living with MS. However, we have comparatively low numbers of people with relapsing remitting MS (RRMS) currently taking DMDs. MS Trust research also shows that we have a shortfall of MS specialist neurologists and nurses.

The challenge for MS specialist services is to support the call for earlier and higher levels of treatment for people with RRMS, while ensuring everyone with MS can access specialist care.

That’s why we’re launching MS Forward View. This is a new, one-year project, building on our GEMSS programme, looking at how MS services can make best use of their skills and resources to ensure more people can access the best possible specialist care.

Through MS Forward View we will work with people with MS, health professionals and managers to produce an action plan to improve and measure access to specialist care, and define future standards and education programmes.

During the project we plan to map neurologists and MS specialist nurses in the UK, define the different types of services they offer, look at how they currently prescribe and monitor DMDs and explore ways they could work to help more people with MS, no matter what type they have, access the best possible care.

We’re currently working with project partners on our detailed plans and we will begin mapping existing services this autumn. Find out more about MS Forward View

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