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Information for researchers

Our objectives in funding research

The MS Trust awards research grants in line with one of its charitable objectives: to help people with MS by promoting or assisting in the promotion of research which has a patient-based approach and which is concerned with the clinical management of MS and the publication of the useful results of such research

MS Trust, charitable objectives

Key research areas that we will support The MS Trust aims to provide funding for research that can make a difference to the lives of people living with MS now. We focus on supporting studies in three key areas: Improving services Improving treatment Improving support We specialise in funding smaller, practical studies, often they are pilot studies for larger trials in the future. We fund UK based researchers in academic and NHS organisations or other places of medical practice. Examples of projects we have funded.

The MS Trust is not currently accepting applications.

MS Trust Research Grant Process

If you are considering applying for a grant, or would like to discuss the suitability of a project please contact us on 01462 476700, or email with "Research Grant Proposal" in the subject field.

How will research be funded?

Research projects will be funded by time limited grants, usually for a maximum of three years. Project grants can provide for: Salary of the applicant(s) and/or scientific/technical assistants Running costs of the project Purchase of essential items of equipment The MS Trust cannot fund supervisor's costs, other indirect costs or overheads. The MS Trust awards research grants twice a year with the final funding decisions taken at our Trustee meetings in the Spring and Autumn. Grants are paid quarterly in arrears from the start of the project.

Review process

Projects are sent out for independent expert peer review. The applications and peer reviews are then considered by the MS Trust Research Group, comprised of clinicians and people with MS. The Research Group makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees who have the final decision on the amount of funding and the allocation. Questions raised at any stage of the process will be fed back to the applicants for their response.


The MS Trust is not currently accepting applications.

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