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Event Details

You can set up your own stream event whenever you like and we will support you however we can. We do organise two weekend long events a year in April and October. Please get in touch and keep an eye on our socials for details.

Next event: April 26-28 MS Awareness Week

Registration Fee: Free

Minimum Sponsorship: If you raise over £150 you will get your hands on a limited edition prize!

What you need to know

How do I take part?

1) Decide what you’re streaming, are you gaming, creating music, cooking or are you crafting? 

2) Sign up and set up your page via a fundraising site like JustGiving Here

3) Pick your fundraising target and how long you’ll be streaming for, You set the challenge and do it your way. We want this event to be as accessible as possible, so make sure the challenge suits you.

4) Share the link to your Just Giving fundraising page everywhere. All your social media accounts, via email and any other ways you can think of. Let all your family and friends know what you are doing to support the MS Trust. Shout about your streaming challenge!

5) Share your streaming details with the MS Trust! If you are planning to stream your play let us know in the going live channel on our discord or share your Twitch or YouTube handle via email so that we can follow you!


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To sign up to Stream for MS you need to be over 16 years old. If you are under 16, please ask a parent or guardian to sign up on your behalf (using their name and email address) why not get them involved in your challenge too!

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As someone living with MS I wanted to do something to help the charity that supported me when I needed it most. Thanks to the help and support I received from the Trust I made friends and a support network in the MS community, so I've devoted myself to giving back and raising awareness where I can through livestreaming

ChronicallyClementyne, Twitch streamer that raised £1,250 for Stream for MS

How we will help

We will be in regular contact to help you get ready for your challenge and to help you raise money from your stream. Don't worry if you have never streamed before, we will give you full instructions on how to do this too. We can also provide you with MS Trust goodies so your stream looks the part too! 

Some useful resources on setting up your stream can be found here

Both my mother and sister have forms of MS, so it is a part of my family's life. I chose to support MS Trust in my fundraiser because the best way I can help their work is by raising money through a gaming livestream

Gar1onriva, British Youtuber raised over £600 for the MS Trust with his 24hr live stream

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