Volunteers are a vital part of our organisation – donating time and expertise to help us support people affected by MS. We are always looking to create new opportunities that are of benefit to volunteers, the MS Trust and the people we support.

Want to volunteer?

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities. Some can be done at home or remotely, such as sharing your MS story or supporting our campaigns. Others are ad-hoc, such as helping at a fundraising event. We also offer long term and short term roles that can be full or part time. However you choose to support the MS Trust, there is a volunteer role for you.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact volunteer@mstrust.org.uk or complete our become a volunteer form below.

Why volunteer?

Whatever you do, as a MS Trust volunteer you'll be making a huge contribution to making sure:

  • That nobody should have to manage MS alone,
  • We provide trusted information to help people with MS live the best live possible,
  • We educate MS health professionals to offer the best care; and
  • We fund MS nurses in the areas of greatest need.

There are many benefits and opportunities to be gained in being a volunteer. If you decide to volunteer for us, you will:

  • Make a difference to people with MS and those affected by the condition
  • Gain valuable experience for your CV e.g. to develop your career or share your learning with others
  • Be supported through an induction, learning and support
  • Gain experience of what it's like volunteering for a charity
  • Develop your personal experience, knowledge and skills such as in communication and working with others.