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Around 135 people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis every week in the UK. That's one person every two hours.

An MS diagnosis can be devastating, for both people with MS and their loved ones. You may feel lost, lonely and uncertain of the future. But you don't have to deal with it alone.

The MS Trust is here to help everyone make sense of MS, from the moment of diagnosis and throughout your journey. We're here for you today, tomorrow and every day after, making sure a life with MS isn't a life defined by MS.

Find out about our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and safeguarding at the MS Trust.

We're funding your MS specialist nurses

Right now, around 103,688 people with MS live in areas where there are not enough MS nurses to look after everyone. That's simply not right, so we're working with the NHS to fund new MS nurses in the areas that need them most and ensure people with MS have the care and support they need.

I consider myself lucky to have an MS nurse, but my MS has changed so much and the future does scare me a little. Knowing that there will be enough local MS nurses for everyone takes away this fear. I know whatever happens, I won't be facing MS alone.

Jon, person with MS

We're answering your questions about MS

Whether you have recently been diagnosed, want to know more about a symptom you are experiencing, or need information on the different MS drugs and treatments, our friendly and knowledgeable enquiries team are here to answer your questions. Our service is confidential and if we can't find the answer, we can direct you to someone who can. You can get in touch with us in whatever way suits you best.

  • Call us for free on 0800 032 3839
  • Email us at ask@mstrust.org.uk
  • Send a message to our Facebook page
  • Post a question in our Facebook group
  • Write to us at MS Trust Information Team, Spirella Building, Bridge Road, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 4ET

The person I spoke to on the phone was so lovely and so kind. She just listened and directed me to what I could do and steps I could take and I felt so grateful for that. Kindness is such an important thing and it meant a lot to me.

Service user

We're making a difference for people with advanced MS

There are an estimated 40,000 people across the UK living with advanced MS. Advanced MS can have a devastating impact, and symptoms are complex and debilitating. Our research has found that many people with advanced MS report losing contact with MS specialist services as their condition gets worse, having to rely on informal care from family and friends, and sometimes having to manage the condition alone. Our Advanced MS Champions Programme funds specialist 'Champions' across the UK to provide guidance, support and coordinated care for those people who need it most.

When you have advanced MS, it's easy for people to say that there's nothing else they can do for you. If you haven't got a supportive family you could easily feel isolated very quickly; sat at a window watching the world go by, when you've got nothing. So I think having somebody on your side, like an Advanced MS Champion, will be a really good thing.

Person with advanced MS

We're providing information you can trust

Wherever you are with MS, our award-winning information service is here for you when you need it. We believe in providing the best help and support so you can take control and live a life with MS, not defined by MS. We produce practical, reliable, evidence-based information, online, in print and in video, covering a whole range of topics, from lifestyle tips to MS symptoms; explaining MS to kids to drugs and treatments.

10 years ago the MS Trust was there for me with helpful, accessible and easy to understand information just when I needed it most, when I felt there was no-one else to turn to. Understanding brings strength and empowerment, and this is what the MS Trust provides, then and now.

Liz, person with MS

We're training and supporting your MS health professionals

We support MS health professionals in their training and development to ensure they can provide you with the best possible care. Since 2000, we’ve provided the essential training for every new MS specialist nurse in the UK and we also support your wider MS team with residential training, study days and the biggest annual conference for MS professionals in the UK.

The MS Trust has been invaluable in terms of developing my professional network through education, involvement in projects and by providing unbiased patient perspective. Many nurses, me included, would not be where we are today without the MS Trust.

Karen Vernon, MS specialist nurse consultant

We're listening to and speaking up for the MS community

The MS Trust is committed to ensuring everyone with MS can access the treatments and services they need and deserve. We seek the views of people with MS and work collaboratively with MS charities, the NHS, and other decision makers to influence change and ensure the voice of the MS community is always heard loud and clear when it comes to the decisions that affect them.

Being able to make a difference using my experience as a person with MS to help others with MS, well, it was a no-brainer. Here was an opportunity to have my voice heard and to help shape the future of provision of service for people with MS.

Pia Reynolds

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We couldn't do it without you

We receive no funding from the Government or the NHS. It's wholly due to the generosity of people like you supporting the Trust that we can continue our mission to ensure nobody has to manage MS alone.