MS Awareness Week 2024

People from MS community

MS Awareness Week 2024 runs from 22 - 28 April. We're once again working with other MS charities to get people talking about all the symptoms of MS.

MS has such a wide variety of different symptoms, but often some feel easier to talk about than others. Have you ever felt embarrassed by issues like bladder control or sexual dysfunction?

You're not alone!

This MS Awareness Week, we're working with the MS Society, MS Together, MS-UK, Neuro Therapy Network, Overcoming MS and We want to break the stigma. We want to get people talking about all the symptoms of MS, not just those that feel more comfortable.

Share your experience

If you have ten minutes spare, please take a moment to fill in our survey.

We’d like to hear about your experiences of MS symptoms that might be embarrassing or sensitive. We will use the results of this survey to inform the MS Awareness Week campaign, which runs from 22 - 28 April.

This campaign will be run as a collaboration between the MS Society, the MS Trust, Overcoming MS, MS-UK, shift.MS, the Neuro Therapy Network and MS Together.

If you'd be interested in sharing your story publicly, please contact

Watch our 2023 live stream

During last year's MS Awareness Week we live streamed, MS: Your emotions and feelings.  

During the session we spoke to two experts on why MS can impact so heavily on your emotions and how you feel day to day. They also gave us some tips on how we can deal with these feelings to improve overall wellbeing. 

Our guest experts: 

  • Roshan Das Nair, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF, Norway.
    Professor of Clinical Psychology & Neuropsychology, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Dr Cora Sargeant, Educational Psychologist and person living with MS.
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