Pharmaceutical and other industry supporters

With the interests of people with MS at our core, we believe it is important to work cooperatively with all stakeholders in MS, including the pharmaceutical, medical equipment and biotechnology companies and contract research organisations.

Funding from industry supporters goes towards our work with health professionals. We will not accept industry funding for our publications for people affected by MS.

We will always ensure the integrity and independence of the MS Trust is maintained. All industry funding will be acknowledged on our website.

Our industry supporters

Funding from our industry supporters
Name of supporter Donations made year ending 31 July 2023
Biogen Idec Ltd £18,640
Coloplast £5,790
Genzyme, a Sanofi company £32,000
Hollister £4,380
Janssen £32,140
MacGregor £4,950
Medtronic £2,500
Merck Serono Ltd £33,463
Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd £81,123
Odstock £2,500
Ottobok £2,640
Roche Products Ltd £71,127
Rokshaw £4,350
Sandoz £32,130
Teva UK Ltd £4,370
Wellspect £3,160