MS symptoms and diagnosis

Everyone's experience with multiple sclerosis is different

MS affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, which means that MS can affect almost any part of the body and its function. Some symptoms are more common than others in MS, and you are unlikely to experience them all yourself.

Some people have symptoms that come and go, or relapse and remit. Others have some symptoms that are stable or worsen over time. Many people find they have a mixture of stable and changing symptoms.

In this section we look at the range of symptoms you might experience with MS, and how your neurologist will investigate your symptoms to give you a diagnosis. We also look at how you can tell whether changes in your symptoms indicate a relapse.

Am I having a relapse?

For some people with MS, new or existing symptoms may appear, worsen and recover periodically. This is known as relapse.

This animated film helps you decide whether you are having a relapse or experiencing worsening symptoms for other reasons.

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