Our research and reports

On this page you'll find the MS Trust's latest research and evidence-based reports, which contain information that is helping to shape MS support across the UK.

Listening to the MS community

Each year we survey thousands of people living with MS to better understand how their condition impacts their lives. We use this feedback to create our 'Life changing' reports, which help guide our future services and support. Previous reports include the importance of accessible care and the impact MS symptoms have on mental health.

Mapping MS nurse services

We survey hundreds of MS services and health professionals every few years to map the provision of specialists across the UK. This helps highlight the sustainability of NHS services and the vital work specialist nurses do to support people with MS.

Discover more about our MS nurse mapping, including our historic reports.

Our health professional programmes

Our ambitious programmes are helping transform MS services across the UK. We are working with the NHS to fund and train more MS nurses and place them in areas where they're most needed. Our growing number of Advanced MS Champions are transforming care for those whose needs are the most complex.

Discover more about our Specialist Nurse programme and our Advanced MS Champions programme.

The impact we make

We put people living with MS at the heart of everything we do. Our impact report shares some of the ways we have helped make sense of MS.

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