MS in Practice

MS in Practice was a publication from the MS Trust for MS health professionals, launched in February 2018. The publication was designed to provide health professionals with essential updates on the latest thinking in MS care in an easily-digestible format.

Edition #7: January 2020

Read the seventh edition of MS in Practice (PDF, 4.2 MB)

In this edition:

  • 2019 MS Trust Conference Review
  • Poster Exhibition
  • Qudos Awards
  • Demonstrating Value for commissioners and managers
  • Gut microbiota and the immune system - Dr Peter Connick
  • Food Coma - Prof Gavin Giovannoni
  • Pelvic-floor issues for women with MS - Dr Sohier Elniel
  • MS and Sleep - Dr Neil Stanley
  • Vitamin D and bone health in MS - Dr Joost Smolders
  • Pregnancy and MS - Trudy Williams, Sarah White and Dr Peter Brex
  • Palliative Care - Dr Jonathan Koffman
  • Advanced Care Planning - Dr Ruth Isherwood and Catherine Kelly

Edition #6: October 2019

Read the sixth edition of MS in Practice (PDF, 1.4 MB)

In this edition:

  • Study finds MSSNs are still under pressure from increasing workload
  • £3m funding boost will increase international research into brain tissue
  • Raising the bar on services for everyone living with MS
  • Introducing Helen Govey, Health Professional Programme Coordinator
  • AFOs and FES are comparable as foot drop interventions
  • MS Trust celebrates awards for patient information
  • NICE rejects Sativex as a treatment for MS spasticity
  • Talking MS with young people

Edition #5: July 2019

Read the fifth edition of MS in Practice (PDF, 410 KB)

In this edition:

  • Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) for people with Primary Progressive MS
  • New DMD pregnancy guidelines
  • Introducing Paru Naik, interim Director of Health Professional Programmes
  • QuDoS in MS 2019
  • Reducing wait times in the Leicester MS service
  • Encouraging people to be more active - talking about exercise
  • Quality of Life checklist tool
  • The costs of DMD monitoring

Edition #4: February 2019

Read the fourth edition of MS in Practice (PDF, 522KB)

In this edition:

  • MS nurses are overstretched despite increase in numbers
  • Joint working creates progressive neurological condition pathway
  • Helping people to get active for MS Awareness Week 2019
  • Talking is the first step to treating sexual dysfunction in MS
  • Managing neuropathic pain in MS is about so much more than drugs
  • It’s everyone’s job to promote the role of a healthy lifestyle in managing MS
  • Record-breaking year for poster entries

Edition #3: October 2018

Read the third edition of MS in Practice (PDF, 522KB)

In this edition:

  • Ten years on: Risk Sharing Scheme has transformed MS care and provided hope
  • Happy birthday, MS Trust
  • Talking about… Clinical trials: Research in clinic
  • View from the frontline: Creating MS nurse clinic template letters
  • Boosting access to specialist nurses: looking back over one year of the SNP
  • Festive fundraising
  • Download the Clinic Consultation Template (Word) referred to in this issue.

Edition #2: July 2018

Read the second edition of MS in Practice (PDF 522KB)

In this edition:

  • Increase in requests for stem cells as a 'miracle cure'
  • The app for reducing fatigue
  • Using holistic care and multidisciplinary working for shared decision making with MS patients
  • Online mindfulness
  • TiMS competency tool for delivering the best standards of care
  • Using digital health to improve patient experience
  • MS Trust fundraising news

Edition #1: February 2018

Read the first edition of MS in Practice (PDF, 479KB)

In this edition:

  • Report on the 2017 MS Trust Conference: key highlights from lectures, seminars and workshops
  • MS Trust charity news
  • Policy news – including recent NICE recommendations
  • QuDoS in MS recognition programme
  • MS Trust fundraising news
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