About TiMS

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Formed in 2003, Therapists in MS (TiMS) is a network of over 400 allied health professionals across the UK who have a special interest in multiple sclerosis.

The TiMS mission is to improve daily life for people living with MS by sharing ideas, enhancing skills and developing holistic care. We lead the way in supporting, strengthening and promoting the therapist's role in the management of MS through research, audit, education and service and policy development.

TiMS is a unique initiative supported and facilitated by the MS Trust.

You can learn more about our focus and direction in our Therapists in MS aims and constitution.

If you'd like to become part of the TiMS network, please join us today.

The TiMS working group

The TiMS working group consists of 25 TiMS network members from a variety of healthcare settings selected for their expertise and experience in the management of MS in the UK.

We meet up to four times a year in London or at the MS Trust Conference to work on a variety of projects. Subgroups focus on education, research, service and policy development and communication. Representatives frequently contribute to national strategic developments and policy change.

Explore the TiMS working group to learn more about some of the people involved and their range of skills and experience.