External courses

These courses are offered by trusted suppliers on a variety of topics related to MS.

MS Nurse PRO

A free online course provided by the European MS Platform in collaboration with the International Organisation of MS Nurses and RIMS; this group are collaboratively known as MS NEED (MS Nurse Empowering EDucation).

MS Nurse PRO is an e-learning training curriculum for nurses and other health professionals with an interest in MS. It has been written and is kept updated by leading experts in the field of MS and provides six comprehensive and interactive modules. Each module focuses on a different aspect of MS and together they form the core, foundation level curriculum.

MS Nurse PRO is accredited in the UK with the RCN and also has International accreditation. This is an excellent introduction to the field of MS healthcare and is strongly recommended for any health professional wishing to work in the MS arena.

Visit MS Nurse Pro for more information.

Neurology Academy on demand webinars

The Neurology Academy has been running a series of webinars since late March 2020, each examining a different topic about MS healthcare.

You can view all the webinars and also register for upcoming webinars on their website.

Visit the Neurology Academy to view the on demand webinars.

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