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Many people find it helpful to talk to others with first hand knowledge of MS and the problems, choices and decisions that can come with living with the condition.

You may prefer to meet people face to face at a local support group, or be more comfortable with the distance provided by talking to people online. There is an ever growing range of social media groups, blogs, forums and discussion groups where people with MS can share experiences and ask questions.

A word of caution

It is important to remember that everyone is different. Someone else's experience may not apply in your particular situation. Many things you read will just be personal opinion, although the way they are expressed may suggest that they are fact. It is important to research widely to get a balanced overview and to find information that is based on good evidence.

Local support groups

  • Map of MS services- Our map includes links to independent support groups.
  • MS Society - has groups across the UK. You can find contact details for your local group on their website
  • Revive MS Support - operates an independent MS Therapy Centre in Glasgow and in outreach clinics in the west of Scotland. Also provides a place for people with MS to meet
  • The Shane Project - a London based group for African/Caribbean and ethnic minority people living with MS

Online support groups

  • MS Trust group - We moderate a safe, open Facebook group for anyone affected by MS to discuss life with the condition. 
  • Asian MS - Facebook page of the national group for people affected by MS from the Asian community.
  • Healing Well MS page - US based community for people living with MS
  • Kurmudgeons' Korner - a forum run by and for people with multiple sclerosis
  • Ladies with Lesions - a Facebook page for women with MS (closed group)
  • MS People UK - a forum for sharing experiences, discussing problems and offering support and tips
  • MS Refugees - a US based forum
  • MS Society - the Facebook page for the MS Society. There are also have separate pages for MS Society CymruMS Society NI and MS Society Scotland
  • MS-UK - the Facebook page for the national charity MS-UK
  • MS UK - a Facebook support group for people in the UK (closed group)
  • muMS UK - Facebook page of a group set up for mums living with MS in the UK (closed group)
  • Mutual Support - Facebook page of the group for current and former members of the Armed Forces and Reserves and their families who are affected by MS (closed group)
  • Positive About MS - Facebook page of a group set up by people with MS to focus on the positive aspects of the condition
  • Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis - forum of a charity promoting a programme of diet and lifestyle approaches to managing MS
  • - a social network aiming to create a positive, enabling community for people with MS
  • This Is MS - a community with rooms to discuss current treatments and new and alternative approaches

Blogs and vlogs

  • MS Trust Blog - News, comment and personal stories from people with MS across the UK
  • MS Trust Youtube channel - find all the MS Trust news updates and videos
  • MSTV - an MS Trust Youtube channel aimed at young people affected by MS

General blogs about MS (based in the UK)

General blogs about MS (non UK)

Research and MS news


Links to other blogs

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