Meet the TiMS working group

The Therapists in MS working group network is made up of allied health professionals with a broad range of MS-related expertise and experience from all across the UK.

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Susan Hourihan

TiMS Co-Chair - Position: Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist - Location: London - Areas of interest: Fatigue management, transition and adjustment to disability, disability management, group work, occupational therapy, vocational rehabilitation

Tims members jody barber

Jody Barber

TiMS Co-chair - Position: Physiotherapist, Clinical Specialist in Neurology - Location: Buckinghamshire - Areas of interest: Spasticity management, orthotics and FES, postural control facilitation and postural management. Promoting multidisciplinary working, promoting activity and wellbeing. Qualified teacher - British Wheel of Yoga

Tims members michelle davies

Michelle Davies

Working group member - Position: MS Service Lead and Specialist Practitioner - Location: Poole - Area of interest: Complex neuro disability, spasticity management, postural management, holistic neuro case management, care pathways, service evaluation and development

Tims members pam bostock

Pam Bostock

Working Group Member - Position: Consultant Occupational Therapist - Neurology - Location: Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent - Areas of interest: Self-management, fatigue management, community based services

Tims members suzanne buckley

Suzanne Buckley

Working Group Member - Position: Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist - Location: Edgware - Areas of interest: Improving interactions among individuals with complex communication needs, their families and health care provider. Develop and evaluate strategies (e.g. AAC tools and training) to equip health care providers to become effective communication partners with individuals who have complex communication needs.

Tims members heidi cleary

Heidi Cleary

Working Group Member - Position: Neuro-Specialist Physiotherapist - Location: London - Areas of interest: Spasticity management, postural management, complex physical disability and orthotics

Tims members laura douglas

Laura Douglas

Working Group Member - Position: General Neurological Physiotherapist - Location: London - Area of interest: Gait and orthotics

Rachel Fisher TiMS working group Member

Rachel Fisher

Working Group Member - Position: Multiple Sclerosis Team Lead / Highly Specialist Physiotherapist - Location: West Midlands - Areas of interest: Holistic management of long-term neurological conditions, spasticity management, medicines management, self-management, ataxia, postural management, standing and positioning

Tims members jenny freeman

Jenny Freeman

Working Group Member - Position: Reader in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation / MS Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist - Location: Plymouth - Area of interest: Clinical trials evaluating rehabilitation of people with MS

Tims members hilary heath

Hilary Heath

Working Group Member - Position: Senior Community Neuro Occupational Therapist - Location: Huntingdon - Areas of interest: Wellbeing and self-management, fatigue management and triage, ataxia, workplace issues and education/support of family members

Tims members wendy hendrie

Wendy Hendrie

Working Group Member - Position: Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in MS - Location: Norwich - Areas of interest: Posture and positioning; ataxia; promoting the role of the specialist

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Ewa Johansson-Charles

Working Group Member - Position: Occupational Therapist - Location: London

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Michelle Koch

Working Group Member - Position: Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in MS - Location: London - Areas of interest: Exercise and activity promotion (making it achievable), posture and normal movement approaches, MDT working and streamlining care

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Kay McDowall

Working Group Member - Position: Team Lead Physiotherapist/MS Specialist - Location: Orpington - Areas of interest: MS and spinal cord injuries/surgery


Rhian O'Halloran

Working Group Member - Position: Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in MS - Location: Cardiff - Areas of interest: Spasticity management (including injection therapy and Sativex), Posture Management, Respiratory Management, Fampridine, Service development, supported self-management

Tims members ruth o regan

Ruth O'Regan

Working Group Member - Position: Advanced MS Champion - Location: Norwich - Areas of interest: Care of people with advanced MS, spasticity and postural management, promoting self-management, community based services, service evaluation and development

Tims members apeksha patel

Apeksha Patel

Working Group Member - Position: Physiotherapist - Location: Harrow - Areas of interest: Spasticity, posture management, yoga therapy and meditation, breath awareness

Tims members freya powell

Freya Powell

Working Group Member - Position: Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist - Location: London - Areas of Interest: Vocational rehabilitation, self-management, long-term specialist MDT management, community based services

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Emma Royal

Working Group Member - Position: Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist - Location: Buckinghamshire - Areas of interest: Progressive neurological conditions, complex case management/complex neurological presentation, occupational science and application to neurological occupational therapy,acceptance and adjustment. motivation and readiness to change with rehabilitation

Tims members jenny thain

Jenny Thain

Working Group Member - Position: MS Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist / MS Therapy Team Lead - Location: Liverpool - Areas of interest: Developing research / innovation practice within physiotherapy and promoting wider research activity by AHP colleagues