World MS Day 2024

Illustration of people with MS holding a World MS Day Banner

Every week across the UK, 135 people are diagnosed with MS. Just this month prevalence statistics were increased by 20,000 to accurately represent that over 150,000 people are living with MS in the UK today. Every single one of these people were sat down with a health professional and given the news of an MS diagnosis. That is the beginning of a new journey, a journey that can so often be isolating and confusing. At the MS Trust we want to make sure trusted information is in the hands of those individuals right from the start so that they feel empowered to take control when they are ready.

Understanding what MS is and then appreciating what MS means for you is the beginning. For every question you have along your journey we strive to offer an answer. We are listening to people with MS, their families and the people within MS healthcare and research. We are gathering and analysing all the information to bring that knowledge to you so that you can truly understand the best way forward with your MS.

The MS Trust really helped me with advice when I was first diagnosed and helped with information regarding my treatment options. It is the first place I have directed friends and family to, to learn more about the condition, and it is a place I can always turn to for support.


Olivia with her child

We receive no government or NHS funding, our publications are provided completely free so that everyone affected by MS can access trusted information they can rely on when they need it most. This is only possible because of the generosity of our loyal supporters. People who have been through a diagnosis, have a loved one living with MS or who have seen a little of what life with MS can mean. As we all learn and make sense of MS together, witnessing the everchanging landscape of what living with MS means, we are together in the journey.

All our information resources are free for everyone in the UK. The online tools and content are free to access and utilised more and more across the world. All our expert led information is the latest knowledge of MS symptom management. We are proud to say that we provide MS Nurses throughout the NHS with our ‘Making Sense of MS’ booklet so they can place it in the hands of every person they see in clinic when they are newly diagnosed. 

Gemma reading Making Sense of MS

Monthly gift

£10 a month could cover the cost of posting a monthly order to an MS Nurse. Ensuring they have 'Making Sense of MS' booklets available in clinic for people newly diagnosed.

One-off gift

 A gift of £22 could cover the cost of producing 10 copies of 'Making Sense of MS'.