Sally on volunteering with the MS Trust

14 March 2022

Sally began volunteering with the MS Trust in 2020. Here they talk about how they were able to use their professional skills to make a difference in the service of others.

I was seeking a role that would enable me to make a difference in the service of others.

I have been volunteering with the MS Trust for just about a year now. I initially approached David Martin, following a couple of the CEO web chats he did in 2020. On average I contribute 20-25 hours per month. I do not have set days on which I work but have found it much easier than I expected to fit the volunteering in around my other commitments and activities.

I retired a few years ago after a career in Organisation Change and Leadership Development, initially working in the banking and retail sectors and then moving into consultancy working with both global and UK businesses. I spent the last 10 years of my career running my own consultancy business alongside working as an associate of a business school.

Initially I did an assessment of Leadership Development needs and opportunities of the Trust via a series of 1-1 interviews with individual members of the senior management team (SMT) and leadership team (LT). From this emerged 3 key areas of work for me:

  • Facilitating the SMT and LT working more productively together (virtual and in-person workshops and exploration of Myers Briggs profiles)
  • Individual 12-15 hour coaching programmes for 2-3 senior managers
  • Design, development and introduction of a Leadership Competence Framework

I was seeking a role that would enable me to make a difference in the service of others. As a long-time supporter of the Trust I have always been impressed by how they punch above their weight in helping people living with MS and the way they have developed as an organisation over the last 3 years or so.

Personally I was seeking an opportunity for some new learning and intellectual challenge to keep my brain active - without doubt this has given me that. David has been excellent in giving me space to develop what I believe is right for the organisation and being there to support and guide as necessary. He and the rest of the SMT and LT have been highly appreciative of my contribution which is obviously motivating and rewarding.

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