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Declutter and donate: Charlotte's story

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People at a car boot sale

Charlotte from Hampshire explains how her own MS diagnosis and a clear out at home kick-started a car boot sale campaign to help others who have MS.

My family and I first started fundraising for the MS Trust three years ago, not long after I was diagnosed with MS.

It started off with an urge to declutter our home. Rather than donate everything to the nearest charity shop, we felt we would like to try selling things off ourselves with all proceeds going to the MS Trust. We have since done two car boot sales per year and also arranged a stall at the local parish Xmas Fair for two years running.

Before we knew it, relations, friends and neighbours kindly donated unwanted items to our cause, so we have always had plenty of 'stock'. We have also sold MS Trust wristbands and pin badges. And we have an MS Trust donation box for any loose change.

Last Christmas I approached local supermarkets for donations of small prizes for a children's raffle on our stall at the parish Xmas Fair, which was very successful.

It has been hard work but A LOT of fun and very rewarding. We come across quite a few people affected by MS. We have also been pleasantly surprised by generous donations from people we know. We hope our endeavours help raise awareness of multiple sclerosis and the MS Trust.

We wanted to give something back to the MS Trust because their support for people affected by MS is invaluable and much needed. Having MS or knowing someone with MS can make you feel helpless at times, but the support we have received has always lifted our spirits. We know every penny we raise can help make a positive difference.

We will continue to support the MS Trust as much as we can for as long as we can.

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