Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme

This is not an initiative organised by the MS Trust. You can read more on the NHS website about help with health costs.

The Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme allows you to claim back health related transport costs if you receive benefits based on your income. The scheme covers visits to hospital for treatment or clinical care. It doesn't cover visiting other people in hospital or going to regular GP or dentist visits.

You may be able to claim under the scheme if you receive one of these benefits:

  • Income support
  • Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Income-related ESA (Employment and Support Allowance)
  • Universal credits

If you receive certain tax credits you may also qualify.

Benefits that are not based on income, such as PIP (personal independence payments) or DLA (disability living allowance), do not count towards help with travel costs.

If you are on a low income but don't get any of these benefits or tax credits, you may still be able to claim travel costs through the NHS Low Income Scheme.

To claim your travel costs, either:

  • Take your appointment card or letter, travel receipts and proof that you receive one of these benefits to the cashier's office at the hospital you are attending
  • Ask at your hospital for the relevant form

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