Miles for MS

Event details

When? throughout May 2024
Where? anywhere
How? you choose - accessible for all
Distance? set your own target 
Registration fee? free
Minimum sponsorship? none, every £ counts 

Register for Miles for MS 2024!

What is it?

A challenge that gets you moving, your way. Wheel, walk, scoot, run, cycle, e-bike, swim, crosstrain, anything goes... you get to say how far you want to go too. Just make sure you have fun, enjoy the achievement and know you are making a massive difference to those living with MS.

Thank you 💙

How it works

  • Tell us how far you want to go. A quarter of a mile? 30+ miles...? You don’t have to complete the distance all in one go. Spread it out over May and use Strava, Fitbit or our Miles for MS tracker form to keep a tally of how far you go
  • Choose how you want to complete this accessible challenge – walk, wheel, e-bike, cycle, swim, scoot, cross train, dance...? Or mix and match. 
  • We send you a free T-shirt once you get your first £10 of sponsorship, and a medal if you raise more than £150.
  • Want to take part with your colleagues? Or gym class? Sign yourself up, then link to your team.
  • Under 16? Ask your parent or guardian to sign up on your behalf.
  • Opt to join our Miles for MS Facebook community for some team spirit and motivation, should you choose.
  • Not exercised in a while? Here’s some exercise ideas to get you started or watch these exercise videos led by Mr Motivator.
  • Can't decide what to do? Email our fundraising team or call us on 01462 476707. We are here for you.   

I had always assumed these events were aimed at people that could run for hours on end, so it made me so happy to learn how inclusive Miles for MS was as you can literally plan around what works for you and what you can manage.


How you make a difference

Here's five examples of things we have done with support like yours:  

  • Provided funding to support Bola, a newly recruited MS nurse in Surrey. This additional post is part of our plan to address the unmet needs of people with MS around the UK.  

  • Saved the NHS £465,000 a year with each advanced MS champion giving those with MS the life-changing support they deserve. 

  • Trained 60 new MS nurses and other health professionals in 2022, so they understand the challenges people with MS face.

  • Reviewed and updated our MS drug treatment book, a go-to guide used by many NHS health professionals too. Sent out 5,000 copies of this and its new comparison chart in the first four months.

  • Shared expert medical insight and practical tips for MS in our popular Breaking it down podcasts.

We achieve things like these with no government funding, thanks to you, your sponsors and our other supporters.

What our fundraisers say

I chose #milesforMS because it encourages you to partake in exercise to reach your own particular goal, whatever that is, with all the physical and mental benefits that exercise brings.


I decided to pledge 25 minutes a day of walking. I chose my local supermarket as it’s smallish, safe, has flat floors and is uncluttered... If anyone else is unsure about taking part I would say go for it. You may even enjoy it, as I have done.


Frequently asked questions

When can I take part in Miles for MS?

You can take part from 1-31 May. The event will be running throughout May 2024.

What types of things can I do for Miles for MS?

Whether it's one mile or 100 miles, you pick how far you want to go and do it your way. Walk, run, wheel, scoot, swim, arm cycle, or something else... it's up to you. You can even switch between activities to mix it up.

Is there a minimum sponsorship?

No, we just ask that you raise as much as you can. If you raise over £150, we will send you a special 'Miles for MS' medal for your efforts.

How much to sign up?

When registrations open, you can sign up for free and once you receive your first £10 donation, we'll send you a MS Trust T-shirt.

How do I track my miles?

You can track your miles by connecting your Strava or Fitbit to your JustGiving page or use the tracker sheet we will send you.

Can I take part with a team?

Yes, the more the merrier. First, sign up individually with your own fundraising page and then link it to a team page. Your team page will show all team members and the amount of sponsorship collected as a team total.

How can I take part if I find it difficult to get around?

Each Miles for MS challenge is individual, so set a target that you feel is achievable for you. Perhaps walk to the end of your garden and back each day? Or go round the block in your mobility scooter? Don’t worry if you need to change the distance part way through, as you choose how far you go and how you complete it.

Contact our fundraising team

Want to chat to us about other ways to get involved? We'd love to hear from you.