Trusts and foundations

The partnership of charitable trusts and foundations allows the MS Trust to carry out some of our most important work.

It enables us to be a friendly voice for people who call in, to fund brand new nurse roles where they are needed most, and to provide trustworthy, evidence-based information for someone who is reeling from the shock of diagnosis.

We are grateful to the trustees of each and every trust that supports us, from small family trusts to large corporate foundations. We celebrate the gifts given for a specific project or region, and those given in good faith for 'where it is needed most'.

If you are considering supporting our work, but would like more information please email or call 01462 476735.

Current projects

  • MS specialist nurses - establish new MS nurses in areas of the UK with the greatest need
  • MS helpline - support our team as they give trustworthy guidance, and provide a listening ear to people who call in distress
  • Information resources - printed and digital resources helping people with MS take control, understand their symptoms and learn about treatments
  • Developmental training - train a specialist health professional in MS care
  • Childhood MS - a new resource to help children deal with their MS

Help support the MS Trust

We would love to hear from the trustees of charitable trusts or foundations who are interested in the work of the MS Trust. Alternatively, if you are in contact with a trust and think they would support our work, please let us know.

View the MS Trust Charity Commission page.

For further information please contact the MS Trust on 01462 476707 or

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