Switch this September

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Switch this September

Event Details

Date: Throughout September 2023

Registration Fee: Free

Minimum Sponsorship: None - just raise as much as you can! 

Switch this September is not only a fantastic opportunity to raise vital funds to support people living with MS, but a great chance to ditch a vice or take up a new hobby to improve your mental and physical health

What you need to know

  1. Decide what you will be switching, will it be alcohol? Will it be meat or sugar? You decide what your challenge will be! 
  2. Set up your JustGiving page and personalise your page!
  3. Contact the MS Trust fundraising team to get your hands on your FREE MS Trust T-shirt 
  4. Share your fundraising page with your friends/family and colleagues. Why not ask your employer if they offer matched funding for a final boost!
  5. Complete your challenge by 1st October 2023 and enjoy getting your hands on a personalised certificate. 

How we will help

We will be in regular contact to help you get ready for your challenge and to help you raise as much money as you can. Don't worry if you have never fundraised before, we will be with you every step of the way. We can also provide you with MS Trust goodies!


Keen to take part but struggling with ideas on what to give up, here are a few of our top suggestions:

1. Driving to Cycling: opt for cycling (or walking) to work instead of driving

2. Phone Scrolling to Book Reading: replace mindless scrolling in your free time with reading a book

3. Coffee to Water: swap out your coffee obsession for a healthier alternative such as water

4. Watching TV to Exercising: trade TV time with a trip to the gym or an at home workout session

5. Using the Lift to Taking Stairs: do you have a flight of stairs at home or work that you often avoid? Skip the lift for the month

6. Gaming to Outdoor Activities: switch off the gaming console and opt to spend some time in the great outdoors

Looking for some further inspiration to fit your lifestyle, get in touch and we would be happy to brainstorm some suitable ideas together!

Get in touch

We'd love to have a chat and hear all about your Switch this September challenge, or if you need any help at all please email us at fundraising@mstrust.org.uk 

Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I sign up for Switch this September?

Sign up before September 1st to officially participate in Switch this September

However, you can participate in this kind of 'switch' event at any time of the year! Whether you would like to do this for a week or a whole month it is up to you. Please get in contact at fundraising@mstrust.org.uk and we can support you through your fundraising journey.

How much am I expected to raise?

As it is the MS Trust's 30th year we are encouraging people to raise £30, but if you can't raise that much or think you can raise more than that's okay too! Whatever you are able to raise will be greatly appreciated and every penny you raise will go towards supporting people with MS.

What should I switch?

The brilliant thing about Switch this September is that it is a challenge that is completely personal to you! You can pick something that you have been wanting to give up or cut back on, something that your friends and family know will be difficult for you to give up.