Buy or sell on eBay to support the MS Trust!

You can now buy or sell items on eBay, the world's biggest auction site, for the MS Trust! The eBay for Charity scheme means sellers can donate a percentage of their sale price to charity and buyers can be reassured that their money is going to a worthy cause.

You can choose to donate between 10% to 100% of the sale price of your item and eBay will waive the same percentage of its basic insertion and final value fees. You can also choose to Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK taxpayer.

The little ribbon detail that eBay attached to the listing, plus the box of information about the MS Trust, definitely helped the item sell for more. A lot of people emailed me saying they would rather buy and support a charity. It's no coincidence is it that out of 31 items listed, the one with the charity listing is the only one with a bid on it!

Susan, eBay seller

Special Charity listing!

All eBay for Charity listings are displayed on the main eBay site, so buyers can find them easily. Additionally, the programme has several unique features that help your listings stand out:

  • Each eBay for Charity listing has a distinctive blue and yellow ribbon. It also has information about your donation amount and the benefiting charity in the item description
  • Buyers can search for eBay for Charity listings through eBay's advanced search options
  • Buyers can also view all items listed for MS Trust on our dedicated eBay for Charity page.

So whether you are cleaning out your attic or getting rid of unwanted presents, think of us and your trash can be turned into treasure for people with MS. Don't forget, if you're selling anything unusual or interesting, we'd love to hear about it.