Lisa's Wedding Day

Why we supported the MS Trust on our wedding day

Our wedding day was everything we dreamt it would be and more. One of the biggest reasons for me was because my Mum was there to see my Dad give me away.

Emotions were high in the lead up, and there was a lot of preparation to support Mum being well enough for the big day. The doctors, district nurses, her carers and most of all her family were doing everything they could to make sure she was feeling her best.  

To see my Mum, alert, smiling and in full view of me whilst I was taking my vows, was like a miracle and intensely emotional.

Mum is now in the latter stages of MS which has affected her since her 20’s, but she was only diagnosed in her mid 30’s. We were encouraged to prepare for the inevitable this summer which made the wedding even more poignant. All I kept thinking to myself was that she wouldn’t miss this day for the world. 

So of course, in true Mum style, she looked beautiful and had first row seats, with a sparkle in her eye.

I am so incredibly proud of her. She is the most resilient and strongest lady I know. 

We managed to raise £1650 from such generous donations from our incredible friends and family as wedding gifts. Our favours were the MS Trust badges, which all our guests loved and wore throughout the celebrations.

We know that charities like the MS Trust can make a huge difference to people affected by MS. We want to support in anyway we can, and I hope this may encourage others to do the same, and give a little back on their special day.