Supporting smoking cessation for your MS patients

We know smoking and MS is an unhealthy combination, but how do we get the message across to patients? When time is short, finding the right words to make a difference can be tricky.

Every smoker has a complex relationship with their habit, and so we need a variety of different ways to communicate the risks and benefits. Here we've drawn together all of our information resources on smoking and quitting, so you can offer the right format for each person .

From podcasts to posters, expert advice and research evidence, we think there is something useful for everyone. 

Our main A-Z page sets out the comprehensive information on the interaction between smoking and MS. It's frank, evidence-based and clearly laid out.

Smoking and MS

However, for people who don't have the time or inclination for a longer read, here's the core message in an accessible, quick read blog format.

Things that may surprise you about smoking and MS

For people who want to review the research evidence behind advice, here's the context around the 2023 paper using MS register data to demonstrate the benefits of quitting to people with MS.

Research Update: Quitting smoking slows MS progression

Did you know over 19 million people in the UK listen to podcasts? We're delighted to be the number 1 MS podcast globally, thanks to our winning combination of information and conversation on all things MS. 

In this episode, we speak to consultant neurologist, Professor Richard Nicholas and Caroline Smith, who lives with MS, about how and why to quit smoking. 

Podcast: How does smoking affect MS? 

You can also read Professor Nicholas' interview as an article.

Ask the Expert: Smoking and MS

And of course, each of these pages has onward links to the others, so once someone has begun to read or listen to the information, they will have opportunities to explore further.


Is it helpful to have all the relevant information brought together on one page? What other topics could benefit from this approach? 

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