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A resource developed by TiMS (Therapists in MS)

Therapists in MS

TiMS has put together a collection of resources on topics such as symptom management, self management and the latest equipment and technology.

Please note: these presentations must not be used elsewhere without express permission of and reference to the author.

Conference presentations

Standing up in Multiple Sclerosis (SUMS)

Dr Wendy Hendrie was part of the research team on a recent study assessing the effectiveness of a home-based self-management standing frame programme in people with progressive MS.

Delivered at the 2018 MS Trust annual conference.

Management of functional overlay

At the MS Trust's annual Conference, Occupational Therapist Ed Sum presented on the management of functional overlay in MS. He explains more in this short video.

Delivered at the 2018 MS Trust annual conference.

Symptom management


The MS Trust asked Dr Val Stevenson, Consultant Neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London to answer some questions often asked by people with MS, about spasticity.

Delivered November 2011.

MS and fatigue

Presented by Alison Nock and Vicky Slingsby, Occupational Therapists, Dorset MS Service, Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and delivered at the 2013 MS Trust annual conference.


Wendy Hendrie, Specialist Physiotherapist in MS at Norwich MS Centre, introduces 'Helping people with multiple sclerosis cope with ataxia', which was delivered at the 2013 MS Trust annual conference.

Sleep disturbance

Self management

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr Sarah Gillanders, MS Specialist Clinical Neuropsychologist, and Dr David Gillanders, Academic Director, Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology, University of Edinburgh, introduce Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for people with MS.

Delivered at the 2013 MS Trust annual conference.

Equipment and technology

Functional electrical stimulation (FES)

Lead Clinical Physiotherapist Christine Singleton and Sarah Joiner who has MS discuss Functional electrical stimulation (FES), how it works, who can use it, how to wear it, does it make a difference and how can you get referred for it.

Delivered March 2017.

Service development

Personal development

Other resources