Telerehab toolkit

Researchers from the Faculty of Health at the University of Plymouth together with collaborators from NHS Trusts in Devon and Cornwall have been working on developing an online toolkit of resources – 'The Telerehab Toolkit'.

About the telerehab toolkit

This toolkit is designed to support health and social care practitioners in the remote assessment and management of people with movement impairment and physical disability, including people recovering from COVID-19. This project has been funded by the UKRI Medical Research Council.

The content of the toolkit is based on interviews and discussions with over 100 practitioners, patients and their family members, a survey of 247 UK practitioners and a review of the latest evidence. It contains sections for practitioners and for patients, with information and guidance on online and telephone appointments as well as links to other useful resources.

Download the telerehab toolkit

The toolkit resource is publicly and freely accessible from the University of Plymouth website.

The patients' section can be accessed via the homepage or directly on the patients' guide to remote appointments webpage.

The toolkit will continue to evolve with the addition of more interactive and multimedia features and improvements will be made based on your feedback.

Let us know what you think

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