Talking advance care planning

28 June 2022

Today we are talking about the often misunderstood topic of advance care planning. The MS Trust recently published an information book titled ‘Thinking ahead: setting out your wishes for your future care and treatment’. It’s a useful resource designed to help you to understand and share your personal values, and preferences, for your future medical care with your loved ones and your healthcare team.

The resource was produced by Ali, a member of the Information team here at the MS Trust, as well as MS Specialist Nurses and subject experts, Ellie Garlick and Sarah Roderick. In this episode we have all three along to shed some more light on the subject of advance care planning. What is an Advance care plan and why should you have one, how can you write one, when should you consider writing one and who can help with writing one?

*There are a few mentions of end of life care which some listeners may find upsetting*

Episode notes