MS resources for young people

Multiple sclerosis is rare in children. In the UK around 250 people under 18 are affected. However, many thousands of young people have friends, parents or other family members with MS. 

We've gathered together resources written for children and young people to explore themselves or share with a parent, teacher or friend. Although this is a broad audience, covering young children right up to teenagers, we hope that you will find something here to help you learn more about MS and explain it to other people. We have also listed resources that might be helpful to you in managing your feelings about the impact of MS in childhood.

You can also use the A-Z of MS on this website to find more details about the general biology of MS, MS symptoms and treatments, and information about some of the health professionals you might encounter when dealing with MS. 

At the bottom of this page, you will find links where you can order or download our three books about MS for children and families.

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Talking with your kids about MS - book

This book is for parents thinking about how to begin talking about MS in the family, what their children may want to know and what other parents' experiences have been.

Kids' guide to MS - book

Written for 6-10 year olds who have a mum or dad with MS. Fully illustrated in bright colours with engaging characters, this Kids’ Guide is a book that children can read on their own or with a parent.

Young person's guide to MS - book

Written with the help of 10-16 year olds who know what it is like to have a parent with MS and who share their experiences, worries and emotions about living with MS in their family.