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MS Trust leads new consensus on priorities to ensure a fair future for MS care

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Today the MS Trust publishes the findings of its year-long MS Forward View project, looking at how MS services in the UK can deliver equitable, effective and efficient care for everyone living with MS.

The final report includes a new consensus on priority actions which has support from stakeholders from across the MS community, including the MS special interest group of the Association of British Neurologists, the MS Society, UK MS Specialist Nurse Association, Therapists in MS, UK Clinical Pharmacists’ Association, the Royal College of Nursing and many of the pharmaceutical companies involved in MS treatment. The consensus also has the support of a UK-wide forum of people with MS who have worked with the MS Trust throughout the project.

The consensus includes statements on the importance of multidisciplinary teams, patient-centred services, ways to improve key parts of the MS pathway and the need for a greater focus on people with advanced MS.

“We’re proud to have led the conversation on the future of MS services and built such a broad and strong consensus from across the MS community,” said Amy Bowen, Director of Service Development at the MS Trust. “The development of specialist services in the last 25 years has had a transformative effect on the health and well being of people living with MS in the UK. But these services now face huge challenges. New treatments and changing treatment paradigms offer great hope for the future, but in the context of increasing strain across the NHS, too many people are at risk of missing out on the vital care they need now. We believe our new consensus will help all of us in the MS sector to be more focused and co-ordinated in our efforts to improve care for everyone living with MS.”

Support from across the MS community:

  • “MS Forward View is an extremely exciting and innovative project which has come up with some interesting protocols which I feel will be really helpful in moving forward the care of our patients with MS and in developing our services now and for the future.” Dr Robert Brenner, neurologist with special interest in MS.
  • “I think MS Forward View has really honed in on some of the key priorities and the gaps in current service provision - the challenges facing health care professionals in particular. Because of its very collaborative approach, this consensus could drive real change. It’s identified things we all agree on which should be worked on in future.” Georgina Carr, External Relations Manager, MS Society
  • “The MS Forward View consensus is a really exciting opportunity to move MS services forward – particularly for people with progressive forms of MS.” – Caroline Smith, lay member of the MS Forward View Advisory Group

The findings of the MS Forward View project, particularly around mapping unsustainable MS specialist nurse caseloads, are the basis for the MS Trust’s MS specialist nurse programme, bringing new nurses to the areas of greatest need, which is due to announce its first sites in mid-November.

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