Copyright and re-use of materials policy

The content produced by the Multiple Sclerosis Trust and published via our website, our social media channels or printed in our publications is covered by a disclaimer and protected by copyright laws. Commercial use or publication of all or any item published in this way is strictly prohibited without prior written authorisation from the Multiple Sclerosis Trust.

If, with our written permission, you re-use our content, you must include the following attribution: Multiple Sclerosis Trust, content title and date of publication.

Please bear in mind that materials downloaded from our website are up to date versions but items you have obtained from us in the past, or from elsewhere, may not be. We update our publications and other materials from regularly. We recommend that you use the latest versions by referring to our website.


Images where copyright is held by a third party are not generally available for re-use through us. On request we may be able to direct you to the original source of the image. Images for which we hold the copy right may require us to seek additional consent from the subject of the image before we can give you permission to use it as consent has not generally been provided to us for the image to be used by a third party. The Multiple Sclerosis Trust does not grant anyone any rights to reuse images without prior written authorisation.

Contacting the MS Trust Information and Content team

To ask permission to use our content and for any clarification of what, if any, additional conditions may apply contact: FAO: the content team.

Your request should be in writing, specifying the contact details of the person making the request, identifying the information you want to re-use and the purpose for re-use. The content team will then get in touch with you to discuss this with you. We aim to respond to your enquiry within 5 working days of your request.

Use of logos

The use of any of the MS Trust’s logos on any document or in association with any information signifies that the document or information has been prepared or approved by the Multiple Sclerosis Trust. The logos are used only on materials generated by us or where we have worked in association with another organisation and granted the appropriate permissions.

Use of any of our logos without our consent infringes the copyright held in respect of the logos. No permission will be granted for the use of our logos nor will reproduction of our logos in any form be allowed unless we determine that the material on which the logos is to be used has been produced in partnership with us and the use of the logo has been approved by us in writing.

Changes to this policy

We may change our Copyright and re-use of materials policy from time to time so please check back periodically

Version 1.0

This policy was last updated May 2018.

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