Association of British Neurologists (ABN)

The Association of British Neurologists (ABN) was founded in 1932 as the professional organisation for neurologists in the UK.

The aim of the ABN is to promote standards of care, and high-quality education and research in neurology.

Guidelines developed by the ABN in 2001 are used as the prescription criteria for the disease modifying drugs for multiple sclerosis under the Risk-sharing Scheme. The most recent revision of the guidelines was published in 2015. This took account of the full range of disease modifying drugs now approved in the UK and of advances in diagnosing MS.

Amongst other statements and publications relevant to MS, the ABN have also published guidelines on pregnancy and multiple sclerosis, aimed at ensuring the best evidence-based care for couples planning pregnancy and women during and after pregnancy. 

Our map of MS services shows specialist MS centres in the UK, which have a team including one or more MS specialist neurologists.

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