Stiffness and spasms diary

Using a stiffness/spasms diary for a week can help you identify spasticity triggers that are causing your symptoms to worsen.

How do I fill in the diary?

The day is divided into six sections - on awakening, morning, lunchtime, afternoon, evening and bedtime. Use this scale to note how troubled you are by your stiffness/spasms - there is a box in each section for you to write down your score.

1 = not at all troubled
2 = a little troubled
3 = moderately troubled
4 = extremely troubled

If you are troubled by stiffness and spasms, write down in the space provided what you were doing at the time, how you were feeling or anything you think might be relevant - this will help you identify what triggered your symptoms. As much information as possible will help.

At the end of the week review the diary to see if you can identify a pattern.

What do I do once I've completed my diary?

Read the list of trigger factors and take appropriate action or take the actions suggested in the booklet. If you are still unable to identify what is aggravating your symptoms, contact your MS nurse or physiotherapist for further advice.

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