Further information about your parachute jump

When can I jump?

You can jump on most weekends throughout the year and midweek too, depending on your chosen airfield.

Where is the airfield?

There are over twenty British Parachute Association approved centres across the UK (see map below) so there is sure to be one near you. You will be allocated to your nearest centre based on your postcode.

Are there any restrictions on age or health?
  • Age - you must be 16 or over
  • Weight - the maximum weight limit is normally 15 stone

All participants taking part in a tandem skydive are required to sign the Tandem Student Parachutist Medical and Information Declaration form (PDF 186 KB). Anyone with a listed medical condition should first seek qualified medical advice and certification using the BPA form 115B (PDF 415 KB). These forms will be sent to you with your booking confirmation and should be taken with you on the day of your skydive. If anyone is under 18 years of age, they will need will need parental consent to take part. 

Pre-existing physical conditions will not necessarily prevent you from taking part but please do inform us of any physical conditions as this may affect the location of your jump.

What about insurance?

​You will automatically be covered for up to £2,000,000 third party insurance but this will not cover you for personal injury. Should you wish to take out cover for personal injury you should either arrange this through your own broker or you can contact us for companies that provide this service.

Paying your sponsorship money

To book on your skydive you will need to pay a £50 registration fee and if you raise the minimum amount of sponsorship (£400) then your remaining skydive costs will be covered by your sponsorship. Basically there are three payments you will need to make:

  • A £50 registration fee when booking your place.
  • The sponsorship to the charity of approx. £150 (which is £400 less the jump fees). This must be received one week before the jump date, but can be a cheque post-dated by 4 weeks, to allow you time to collect the money in from your sponsors.
  • Payment of approx. £200 to the airfield on the day of your jump, plus any fuel surcharge advised at the point of booking. This can normally be paid by credit card or cash. Please note: the cost of the skydive may vary depending on which airfield you jump from. If the cost is higher than £200, the amount in sponsorship due to the MS Trust will be adjusted. 
How do I raise the money?

The MS Trust's fundraising team is always on hand to help with your fundraising and will provide sponsor forms, fundraising packs and any materials you might need such as stickers, posters, balloons and collecting tins. You could also read our fundraising tips and ideas for inspiration.

What if I want to do a static line parachute jump?

Although a tandem skydive (where you jump with an instructor who controls the parachute) is the most popular type of parachute jump for first time skydivers, there is also the option to take part in a static line jump instead. A static line jump is where you jump solo from approx 3,000 feet. This involves a full day of training and then completing your jump the following day (weather dependent).

The minimum sponsorship for a static line jump is £360 (as the cost of the jump is £35 less than a tandem jump). If you would like more information about a static line jump or would like to book one, please contact the London Parachute School on 0845 130 7194 (don't forget to tell them that you'd like to raise funds for the MS Trust).​

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