It's all in your head: Can dramatherapy and other alternative approaches help your mental health?

9 December 2020

In this fifth episode of "It's all in your head" we chat to Sara Coffey, a dramatherapist, who explains more about dramatherapy as an approach to dealing with mental health problems. Sara has worked with people with MS in the past, so shares some brilliant insights into how this kind of therapy can help, and dispels some common myths around it. We also talk to Jessie Ace. Jessie is a podcaster, illustrator, author, and all round inspiring lady. She was diagnosed with MS seven years ago, and is passionate about raising awareness of the condition, helping others and generally just spreading positive vibes.

Episode notes

  • Stress - information from the MS Trust
  • Anxiety - information from the MS Trust
  • Depression - information from the MS Trust