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Exercise videos

Introduction to exercise

Mr Motivator introduces you to the wonderful world of exercise.

Warm up

Going to do some exercise? Make sure you watch this first and are fully warmed up.

Stretch and tone

Stretching is an integral part of any exercise, watch this clip to get some tips on stretching correctly.

Posture and balance

Mr Motivator takes you through how to get the correct posture to help with your balance.

Sitting exercises

Some great ways to get into gentle exercise while in the sitting position.

Bums and tums

Some great ways to help tone your bum and tum.

Upper body tone

Mr Motivator takes you through toning your upper body.

Whole body workout

Need some tips for a complete workout? Look no further than this clip!

What ever works for you

Doing any exercise is better than none, but remember do what you're comfortable doing.

Tips for using the gym

Mr Motivator and neurophysiotherapist Liz Betts talk about using the gym.

Try a relaxation session

Vicki Matthews MS Specialist nurse has created a relaxation session. Get comfortable and give it a try!

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