Pushing my boundaries: skydiving for the MS Trust

13 July 2016

On 18 June, Trudi Lampart-Macdonald took part in a skydive from 10,000 feet in aid of the MS Trust. She faced her fears to support people, like herself, who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Here she tells us why it meant so much to her to be able to give something back.

I took part in a skydive for the MS Trust because they have been so good to me and, I know from testimonies, so good to many other people with MS and their friends or families.

The MS Trust was the first phone call I made after being diagnosed. I got home, and didn’t know where to turn, where to look, where to start with my research, what my diagnosis meant, what the rest of my life would or could look like, which doctor to call, I knew nothing… so I called the MS Trust the next morning. The voice on the other end of the phone was like a breath of air, a vision of clear direction and calmness.

I will never forget that phone call, or the monthly follow-up contact with information on trials, or people's stories which inspire me. The MS nurses are wonderful and if I can do something to contribute to the charity that supports them and push my boundaries at the same time, I will do it! I am so happy I can contribute to the MS Trust, towards the training they give MS nurses and the support they give to all of us MSers and our friends and family.

I saw no reason to wait. June hit and I took to the skies. I thought I would have been nervous but I read so much information about other MSers that do skydives and how amazing it was for them, I was more excited than anything else. I was excited to push my boundaries and support such a wonderful charity in the process. It was a win-win situation, mutually beneficial.

My fundraising has gone phenomenally well. I have raised approximately £1,000 and continue to get support from friends and family. Thank you so much to the amazing people in my life that have contributed to my skydive for the MS Trust; you all mean so much to me!