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19 December 2023

It's been a busy year here at the MS Trust. Providing information which helps people make sense of MS is something we're passionate about, along with sharing the personal experiences of life with MS as a powerful way to connect with others. On this page we've pulled together some blogs and stories we've shared over the past year. 

Here are some highlights from 2023 that we hope you will enjoy.

How to support a partner living with MS

February might seem like a long time ago now, but back then we offered up 10 different ways to help you support your partner if they live with MS. 

Read here and see what tips might work for you in your relationship

How to spot a UTI

In March, we tackled one of the more common problems which may occur alongside MS. How do you spot if you have a UTI? Many of us think we already know the symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI), but as usual MS can throw up a few tricks along the way.

Take a read to make sure you know what to look out for

Hayley's story – being seen to be heard

In April, we considered the importance of being seen out and about with MS. Hayley, one of our MS Trust Ambassadors, is a passionate advocate for visibility within disability, Hayley is determined not to let MS or disability get in the way of living the life she chooses.

Why I stopped running from my bladder and bowel problems

Also in April, we tackled a taboo subject with Helena. She asked herself why we have a problem with talking about bladder and bowel issues.

Read about how Helena stopped running from her problems in this blog

Life Changing report

In May, we launched our second Life Changing report, this time focusing on mental health and MS. This report brought together personal experiences from over 2000 people with MS in the UK, and we are grateful to everyone who took our survey or volunteered their time to be part of a focus group or interview. 

56% of people surveyed reported that MS had affected their mental health severely or moderately. Our report showed that physical MS symptoms like fatigue, bladder or bowel issues can have mental health impact too. If these are not treated or managed, then there can be an impact on mood, relationships and general quality of life. 

We also found that too many people with MS are struggling with inadequate support. We worked together with other MS charities to take this message and a call for action to the Government.

Read about the joint charities policy position here

We think that our Life Changing: Mental Health and MS report is a good read, although it is a sobering one.

Natalie's story – shattering stigmas

In June, we heard from Natalie, blogger from 'The Nerve of my MS'. She spoke candidly about some of the preconceptions she's faced within her community and why it's so important to raise awareness of MS across all sections of society.

How to explain fatigue to others

Fatigue is a common MS symptom and can be very debilitating. However it's also one of those symptoms that is difficult to explain to other people without hearing '"Yeah I get tired too." in response. So in the summer we published a guide on how to explain this hidden symptom of MS to others.

How do I explain fatigue to others?

Jargon Busters

In July, we introduced the MS Trust Jargon Busters! When you're new to MS, or even if you've lived with the condition for a while, there are so many terms and words used that seem unfamiliar. This series of films from MS experts aims to explain some of the terms you may have heard, but not quite understood.

Oritsé Williams, a new MS Trust ambassador

Moving into autumn and in October, we were delighted to announce Oritsé Williams as a new MS Trust ambassador. Having cared for him mum who lives with MS since the age of 12, raising awareness of multiple sclerosis is a cause very close to his heart.

Chris' story - why I had to retire from nursing

In November, palliative care nurse Chris talked about the realisation that he needed to become an ex-nurse, due to the impact of his MS. He reflected on how he came to that decision, and how he needed to find new identity after a lifetime of caring for others.

Lung health tips

And finally, we've made it through to December. 'Tis the season for coughs and sneezes!  So we took a timely look at the top five things you can do to help you improve your lung health.

Get the top lung health tips here

These are just some of the highlights of this year, if you'd like to view the full list of blogs and stories we've published, please take a look here.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped bring this information together over the last 12 months and are looking forward to bringing you even more in 2024.

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