Podcast: We discuss the 'hot topic' of HSCT for MS, hearing from Claire in the Information team about the criteria for receiving stem cell transplantation. Our guests also include Chris who was eligible for HSCT on the NHS and Gwen who went to Russia to seek treatment for PPMS. Both share their experiences of HSCT and give advice for anyone else considering the option.

Will asks the experts about the role of MS pharmacists

Podcast: Guest presenter and MS Trust volunteer, Will, returns to our archives. This time, he looks at the role Pharmacists play within an MS service, what support they offer and the latest drugs in development for people with MS. Featuring input from MS Pharmacists Brina and Aoife as well as Gemma from the MS Trust.

Who gets MS? Ethnicity and multiple sclerosis

Podcast: In this episode, we discuss some of the barriers people of colour may face when diagnosed with a condition that in the past has been seen as a 'white or Caucasian condition'. We talk to Natalie, who set up the Black MS Foundation to raise awareness and provide a space for black people to discuss their own MS experiences. We also dive into the background on who gets MS and how different ethnicities are affected by multiple sclerosis with Claire from our information team.

Can exercise help my MS?

Podcast: In this exercise and MS themed episode we discuss how exercise can benefit people with MS. 

Meet the MS Trust... Health Professionals team

Podcast: In the first episode of this new series, our volunteer Will meets Megan, Head of Health Professionals Programmes at the MS Trust and MS Support Nurse, Laura. The two talk about how MS nurses are trained, what support the MS Trust offers to health professionals as well as looking at what the future holds for MS care and MS treatments.

Back to school

Podcast: In this back to school themed episode we speak to Suzy, a teacher with MS and Nick, a dad to three boys who was diagnosed with MS at the start of lockdown. With schools going back after the summer holidays, we discuss everything from the challenges of home schooling to talking to children about multiple sclerosis.

Mobility problems and aids in MS (Part 2)

Podcast: In part two of mobility problems and mobility aids, we chat to neuro-physiotherapist Jody Barber. This includes looking at how mobility problems may present in MS and what to do if you think you need a mobility aid as well as some different exercises you can do to help improve your mobility. Jody also discusses the psychological barriers people may face when needing to use a mobility aid for the first time, why it's okay to feel hesitant and how to overcome these barriers.