Esperanza homeopathic neuropeptide

Esperanza Homeopathic NeuroPeptide was the brand name of an unlicensed under the tongue spray. The active ingredient was derived from a protein called alpha-cobratoxin, which is extracted from cobra venom. It was claimed that the peptide regulated the immune system and allowed messages to be conducted across nerve/muscle junctions.

The manufacturer offered what they called 'open clinical trials' in which participants were expected to pay a substantial amount for treatment and tests for a minimum of six months. There was no evaluation against a placebo (dummy) treatment and no formal analysis of data collected was published in a peer reviewed journal.

In 2009 a complaint was made to the MHRA, the UK drug regulator, about the way the product was being advertised in a UK magazine. The complaint was upheld and the manufacturers have stopped promoting the product.

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