TiMS newsletter issue 5


Welcome to the first newsletter of 2017. The TiMS working group have set some new challenges for the year, and will have some useful information and tools to help you to continue to improve your practice... so read on!

Please contact therapistsinms@mstrust.org.uk if you need help in your practice or if you have any ideas or innovative ways of working so that we can share them.  

Pam Bostock and Wendy Hendrie (Co-chairs of TiMS)

Respiratory study day

Following the success of the respiratory seminars at conference last year, the group are keen to run a respiratory study day. This would be aimed at all AHPs and nurses and would have a community focus with an emphasis on improving practical skills as well as updating you on recent research and theory. To register your interest contact therapistsinms@mstrust.org.uk.

AHP competencies

Work on the competencies, which cover four professions and three conditions, is progressing well. A meeting to discuss next steps was held at the end of February. The competencies now need to be trialled to ensure they are in a useable format.

We look forward to launching them later in the year.

Self-completed annual review form

TiMS are working to produce a simple form that people with MS can fill in before they attend an appointment or review. We will update you on this in our next newsletter.

Other news


We are keen to build a library of informative podcasts on our website so work has begun on this. If you have any that we could add do let us know. Contact therapistsinms@mstrust.org.uk.

TiMS website

We have started to review the structure and content of our website as we would like to make it even more accessible and appropriate for those working with people with MS.If you have any requests or suggestions please let us know at therapistsinms@mstrust.org.uk.

TiMS working group meeting

The working group met in London at the beginning of February for their first meeting of 2017. Please contact therapistsinms@mstrust.org.uk if you would like to receive a copy of the minutes from this meeting.

Ask TiMS

If you have a question about any aspect of managing MS, contact therapistsinms@mstrust.org.uk and we will do our very best to answer it. We publish one question in every newsletter.


I find it very difficult to advise people on the best way to exercise when they are full-time wheelchair users. Have you any suggestions?


It can be very difficult for people with MS to exercise if walking is no longer an option, they are unable to get on the floor, have problems standing or with their balance. Some arm and trunk exercises can be carried out in a sitting position, see the build your own exercise routine section of the MS Trust website.

Standing can help people to exercise their trunk and may also help to reduce the secondary complications of prolonged sitting.>

You may want to consider supplying a standing frame or a standing hoist (which may be more readily available). Oswestry standing frames are easy to use and NHS stores often have them available. Make sure you get the correct size, the hip strap should go across the bottom so that the person doesn't jack-knife.

If you don't have access to anything or if space is an issue contact Remap to help set something up in the home such as a wall mounted knee block to use with a grab rail or gutter frame

Hope that helps!

For your information

MS Trust conference

The 21st MS Trust Annual Conference is being held at Jury's Inn Hinckley Island Hotel from the 12th - 14th November 2017.The conference plays a pivotal role in enhancing the care of people living with MS by educating MS specialists and driving improvements in services. It is a unique event in the MS calendar and brings together around 300 multi-disciplinary practitioners dedicated to providing the best treatment and care for everybody affected by the condition.

Therapists education bursary fund

It has been confirmed that therapists will continue to be able to apply to the Therapists Bursary Fund for a 75% bursary towards conference funding this year. The MS Trust has to report back to the companies that contribute to this fund, so if you received a bursary please send feedback on how beneficial the funding was, email: hpteam@mstrust.org.uk.

MS fatigue research

Rona Moss-Morris, Professor of Psychology at Kings College London gave TiMS a presentation on her current research project, which aims to provide more definitive guidance as to which exercise and behavioural interventions are effective for fatigue in people with MS.  Her review has shown that energy conservation techniques have only a small effect on fatigue and that exercise (especially balance) and CBT appear to be more effective.

Rehabilitation in MS (RIMS)

RIMS offers the fellowship exchange programme where therapists can visit services in Europe. They also provide grants for small projects to develop services to people with MS. Find out further information on the EURIMS website.

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