Core stability exercises

A sequence of exercises to help your core to remain strong and stable. Keeping the muscles around your spine and torso strong means you don't need to use your arms and shoulders to hold you up. 

The full core stability routine is made up of seven exercises, including:

  • Bridging
  • Pelvic tilt 
  • Arm and leg stretches
  • Core stability

You can try all seven exercises, or choose the ones that best match your needs and ability.

Other core exercises

Mr Motivator presents this exercise circuit that can help tone your core and glutes. It is designed for people of all abilities and is done while laying on the floor. Remember, do check with a health professional before starting any new form of exercise.

Some great ways to help tone your bum and tum.

If you found these core and glutes exercises useful, we have more accessible exercises with Mr Motivator. You can watch them on our exercise videos page, or you can order the Move it for MS DVD for free from our shop.