Rebecca's Great North Run Experience

26 January 2023

Rebecca with her family and then Rebecca with her medal

We spoke to one of our fabulous fundraisers, Rebecca, about her Great North Run experience and why she wanted to run for the MS Trust. 

What inspired you to take part in the Great North Run for the MS Trust?

Raising money for the MS Trust has been something I’ve wanted to do for several years. My dad was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2017, the year I moved away to university. It’s been completely life changing, and eye opening as to how MS affects people in different ways. In 2019, my Brother and Uncle ran the Great North Run for the MS Trust and so that was what set me on course to do the same! 

How did you find race day?

The race day itself was one of the most overwhelming days I’ve ever had. I heard so many moving stories, starting in the walk through Newcastle, I was already tearing up and it was still hours until I started running! As a result, the run was easily the hardest out of the 3 half marathons I’ve run. The relief of finally reaching the finish line, it made all the pain of the 2 odd hours before worth it. I immediately laid on the grass and let out a few tears, it was an amazing experience and one of my proudest achievements raising so much money for a cause so dear to me.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about taking part in the Great North Run or fundraising for the MS Trust?

My main advice would be to stay calm and enjoy the journey to South Shields. And, take all the sweets and oranges offered! They really help, especially near the end when all you want is to cross the finish line!!

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