Stretching exercises

Feeling stiff or uncomfortable can be common in MS. These gentle stretching exercises can help manage pain and extend your comfortable range of movement. 

The full stretching routine is made up of five exercises:

  • Lying knee bend
  • Knee roll
  • Sideways lean
  • Table slide
  • Lunge

You can try all five exercises, or choose the ones that best match your needs and ability. 

Other stretching exercises

In this video, Neurophysiotherapist Jo Pritchard demonstrates the mermaid stretch. This Pilates style exercise is designed to help lengthen the side of your body. It can be done with or without an exercise band. Remember, do check with a health professional before starting any new form of exercise.

The mermaid stretch is shown here. Can you manage a minute?

If you found this exercise useful, Jo also covers seated and standing leg stretches as part of her full Pilates circuit, which has been adapted for people living with MS.