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The symptoms of MS can sometimes interfere with your daily life and make previously straightforward tasks more of a challenge.

Equipment and adaptations are available that can help lessen the effects of symptoms and help you overcome some of the barriers MS presents.

Sources of information and advice

These links can help you find information and advice on choosing the right equipment to fit your situation and personal preferences.

Occupational therapy (OT)

Occupational therapy aims to help people continue to live life as fully as possible by making suggestions for changes in lifestyle, or useful equipment and adaptations.

NHS Wheelchair Services

Depending on your location, referrals to a local NHS Wheelchair Service can be made by your hospital, GP, consultant or occupational therapist. Some services may allow you to refer yourself.

Disabled Living Foundation

A national charity that provides impartial advice on disability equipment, day-to-day household gadgets, new technologies and training techniques. Their Living Made Easy website has a wide range information about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living.

Disability Living Centres and Independent Living Centres

These are local services that offer a display of equipment that you can try out as well as information about what is available to help you. They are listed in our map of MS services.


An independent research charity that publishes practical and unbiased guides on a range of household and mobility items for people with a disability.


A charity that offers free information and advice about finding and adapting IT equipment, such as computers, tablets and mobile phones.  AbilityNet can advise employers on accessibility and assistive technology appropriate to the needs of people with a disability. They also have a network of volunteers who can visit and help you set up your home computer equipment to make it easier to use if you have dexterity, visual, hearing or cognitive problems. 


Here are a few organisations that provide adapted and accessible equipment. 

Motability - Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme

A national UK charity that helps people in receipt of the higher rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment to lease a scooter or powered wheelchair.


A charity that provides custom made equipment for people with a disability.


A charity that designs and develops bespoke equipment to help improve the quality of life of people with a disability.


The charity Disabled Living’s services that provide information and advice about equipment.

Age UK Mobility - Handicare

Handicare are a company working with Age UK Trading and are providers of stair lifts and adapted baths and showers.

Aidis Trust - Everyone Can

A charity that helps people with a disability by matching technology to their needs.

Sport and leisure equipment

If you join a club for a particular sport such as sailing or bowls, the club leaders will be able to direct you to equipment that can make it easier for you to take part. For example, modified walking frames to allow you to walk on a bowling green without leaving holes in the turf, or buoyancy aids that you can easily get on and off.

The following organisations also sell or compare sports and leisure equipment for those with mobility or dexterity problems, or other disabilities. They include everything from scissors with a comfortable grip and large format playing cards through to hand-propelled tricycles. 

Living Made Easy

Products for all kinds of accessiblity issues, including sports and leisure


Equipment for accessible sports including Boccia, for schools and personal use

Adaptive clothing

Here are a few organisations that provide clothing that has been adapted for people with dressing difficulties, or those who habitually use a wheelchair. A article in the Guardian newspaper drew attention to a number of mainstream designers who are also now designing clothes for a seated position, with waistbands that don't ride up, and tops cut shorter at the back so they don't bunch uncomfortably.

Hiring equipment

Sometimes hiring equipment for a short time may be more appropriate - for instance if you want to try something out before you commit to buying or if you are going on holiday and need equipment at your destination.  A number of organisation will hire equipment.  These are a few examples.

British Red Cross

A national charity that provide short-term loans of wheelchairs and other equipment from branches across the UK.

ShopMobility UK

A federation of more than 250 schemes providing short-term use of scooters and wheelchairs whilst out shopping.

Companies that provide short-term hire of equipment:

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