Celebrating 50 podcast episodes of ‘Breaking it down - multiple sclerosis’

22 December 2022

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has listened to our podcast, ‘Breaking it down - multiple sclerosis’. Since we began podcasting in earnest in 2019, we have created 50 episodes covering topics from relapses to relationships. We are delighted to see that these episodes have been downloaded and enjoyed over 30,000 times, across all platforms! 

Listen to our most recent podcast episode here.

From the start of our journey, we aimed to amplify a range of voices from the MS community to explore many aspects of life with multiple sclerosis. We showcase real-life experiences from people with MS, from the good times to the tough times. 

We also interview leading experts to gain their insight into the latest research and developments in MS. The MS community have played a pivotal role in the podcast, as we often look to ask the experts your burning questions from our social media channels or enquiry service. We are grateful to everyone who suggested a question, and to all of our guests in the series. 

What were your top five most listened to episodes?

1. ‘What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Our most listened to podcast explores how MS is diagnosed, who gets MS and what treatments are available.

2. ‘How can I manage living with MS fatigue?

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of MS, so it’s no surprise that our second most listened to podcast covers this very topic.

3. ‘Working life and MS’

This episode delves deeper into what rights people with MS have at work, how to disclose health conditions to an employer and what to do when you feel you may to give up work or reduce your hours.

4. ‘How does cold weather affect MS?’

Many of us have been experiencing sub-zero temperatures of late and our fourth most popular podcast explores cold sensitivity and MS. 

5. ‘Can exercise help my MS?’

Finding the right exercise patterns for you and your MS is an important part of managing the condition. Our fifth most popular episode investigates how exercise can benefit MS symptoms.

The future

Talking about MS isn’t always easy, and we hope that ‘Breaking it down’ offers a relaxed space for people affected by MS to hear conversations about the condition. We also hope that the podcast could help you to start conversations about sensitive topics with your loved ones. 

If you think that our podcast might help someone you know, please share ‘Breaking it down – multiple sclerosis’ with them. After 50 episodes, we’re only just getting started and we have lots of exciting plans to share with you in 2023. Here’s to another 50 episodes!

Have you got an idea for a podcast episode, or a question you’d like us to address? Let us know your podcast ideas on our share your story page.

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