Conference posters 2019

Winner 2019

'My MS Passport' by Rachel Morrison was the 2019 winning poster.

Highly commended posters

How do people with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis experience engagement with physical activity during a relapse? A qualitative study (PDF, 993KB)
Wilkinson, H., et al.

Missed Appointments - a missed opportunity? (PDF, 401KB)
Burge, T., et al.

Using a HRQoL Questionnaire can Improve Communication and Consultations (PDF, 611KB)
Willis, H., et al.

A-Z of posters

4-Year Interim Enrolment Results of LEMTRADA (Alemtuzumab) Pregnancy Exposure Registry (PDF, 212KB)
Rog, D., et al.

A Progressive MS Pathway – scoping audit (PDF, 627KB)
Randall, I., et al.

A Symptom That's Hard To Swallow: Dysphagia Management In Multiple Sclerosis (PDF, 566KB)
Rossano, G.

A UK survey of SymTrac usage and value: 12-month data (PDF, 125KB)
Patrick, D., et al.

Adherence to Exercise Interventions for people with Multiple Sclerosis (PDF, 1.17MB)
Dennett, R., et al.

An International Registry Tracking Pregnancy Outcomes in Women Treated With Dimethyl Fumarate (PDF, 644KB)
Hellwig, K., et al.

Are Your Patients Breathing Comfortably? (PDF, 652KB)
Conyers, H., et al.

Are Your Patients Breathing Comfortably? Test Study (PDF, 847KB)
Conyers, H., et al.

Collaborative Working Between Multiple Sclerosis (Ms) Nurses And A Pharmaceutical Company: An Educational Project From The Consortium Of Multple Sclerosis Centres (Cmsc) Conference, Seattle 2019 (PDF, 1.87MB)
Ayer, M., et al.

Development of a Screening Tool to Identify Vestibular Dysfunction in People with Multiple Sclerosis: an example of Interdisciplinary Working (PDF, 1.69MB)
Barber, J., et al.

Diagnosis of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in UK Centres: Results from the SPECTRUM project (PDF, 349KB)
Duddy, M., et al.

Estimating the prevalence and incidence of MS in the UK using the THIN primary care database (PDF not available)
Lumicisi, B., et al.

Evaluation of a comprehensive rehabilitative intervention on quality of life, disease impact and symptomatic control in persons with Multiple Sclerosis (PDF, 522KB)
Thain, J. et al.

Fatigue Management in MS: Putting the Evidence into Practice (PDF, 830KB)
Carter, J.

Improving Cognition in people with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: A Multi-Arm, Randomized, Blinded, Sham-Controlled Trial of Cognitive Rehabilitation and Aerobic Exercise (CogEx) (PDF, 186KB)
Freeman, J., et al.

Innovative Models of Care (PDF, 919KB)
Burscough, L., et al.

Living Well with Multiple Sclerosis Educational Day (PDF, 868KB)
Conway, B., et al.

Measuring Upper Limb Function (ULF) in MS Clinical Trials: Definition, Conceptualisation, Measurement (PDF, 162KB)
King, T., et al.

Mobile apps for supporting symptom management in progressive MS (PDF, 361KB)
Holland, C.

MS and My Medical Record (PDF, 683KB)
Ayer, M., et al.

MS Trust Enquiry Service (PDF, 606KB)
Webster, S.

MS Trust Specialist Nurse Programme (SNP): Evaluations and results so far (PDF, 500KB)
Hannan, G., Roberts, M., Naik, P., Martin, D.

Multifactorial Circuit Training for MS Patients (PDF, 160KB)
Nadar Arulmani, G.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Corpus Callosum (CC) and Clapping Bedside Test (PDF, 642KB)
Bo, K.

My MS Passport (PDF, 927KB)
Morrison, R.

NHS Rightcare Progressive Neurological Conditions Toolkit (PDF, 672KB)
NHS England., et al.

OptiMiSe Outcomes Audit: improvements in MS service delivery in the UK OptiMiSe community (PDF, 120KB)
White, S.

OPTIMISE:MS – A Prospective, Real World Pharmacovigilance Study in Multiple Sclerosis (PDF, 966KB)
Wilton, J., et al.

Outreach Phlebotomy Service (PDF, 262KB)
Elaine, E.

Patients understanding of the potential side effects, effectiveness and required safety monitoring of their current disease modifying therapy (PDF, 6.17MB)
Taylor, J., et al.

Piloting the MS Self-Reported Assessment Tool for people with Multiple Sclerosis: Service User Perspective (PDF, 718KB)
Davies, M., et al.

Proactive considerations towards employment commitments when receiving a Disease Modifying Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis: Employment Leaflet for Lemtrada Therapy (PDF, 1.69MB)
Matthews, E.

Reducing unplanned hospital admissions for people with MS (PDF, 152KB)
Slade, G.

Relapse Management Pathway (PDF, 72KB)
Shore, G., et al.

Seafood and Eat it Too: A Patient-Clinician Collaboration of Dysphagia Management in Multiple Sclerosis (PDF, 708KB)
Rossano, G.

Teriflunomide International Pregnancy Registry: Enrolment Update (PDF, 321KB)
Rog, D., et al.

The role of social media in MS treatment decisions: a qualitative interview study (PDF, 1.3MB)
Sorrell, C., et al.

The World Jumps Up and Down when I Move Oscillopsia and Gaze Stabilisation in Multiple Sclerosis (PDF, 1.45MB)
Marsden, J., et al.

Transition to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: When is SPMS identified in the UK and what are the consequences for patients and the National Health Service? (PDF, 369KB)
Caseby S.C.L., et al.

UKMSSNA Educational Tool (PDF, 186KB)
Wilkinson, L.

Use of cannabis based products in patients with progressive multiple sclerosis in South West Wales (PDF, 592KB)
Watson, L., et al.

Using an Evidence Café to investigate self-management behaviour in MS (PDF, 1.06MB)
Winchester, C., et al.

Validation of the Scoring Algorithm for a Novel Integrative MS Progression Discussion Tool (PDF, 339KB)
Ziemssen, T., et al.

Vestibular Rehabilitation in people with Multiple Sclerosis (PDF, 1.5MB)
Dennett, R., et al.