Drink more for MS!

14 January 2016

Are we really advocating drinking more for MS? We are but we' d actually like to highlight the importance of drinking more water. We’ll come onto alcohol and other beverages in a minute!

In this blog, the MS Trust looks at the benefits of drinking more if you have MS.

More water

Drinking more water is especially important if you have bladder symptoms as part of your MS. It can be tempting to drink less water to minimise the need to rush unexpectedly to the loo, going to the loo many times a day or during the night, or if incontinence is part of your MS. However, drinking less water means that the urine in your bladder will be more concentrated and that can lead to more urinary tract infections (UTIs).

The general advice is to drink around one and a half to two litres, or six to eight glasses, of liquid per day. If plain water seems too boring, you could try sparkling water instead or add a slice of lemon or lime.

Less caffeine

Many people enjoy caffeinated  drinks such as coca cola, coffee and tea. Some energy drinks contain quite a lot of caffeine too. However, caffeine can irritate the bladder lining so, for people with bladder symptoms, it can be good to switch to decaffeinated  alternatives, fruit or herbal teas.

Alcohol in moderation

When it comes to lifestyle, the advice for people with MS is the same as for everyone – eat healthily, exercise sensibly, avoid smoking and try not to drink too much alcohol. If you’d like to cut down your alcohol intake, NHS Choices has some good tips. Some people choose to take a break from alcohol altogether such as during 'Dry January' with some choosing to be sponsored for their favourite charity as an added incentive to stick to it!

Have a good weekend

Cheers, everyone! Make ours a pint of water, please.