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Explore London with 20in20 guided tours

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A group of London tour guides are aiming to raise £20,000 for the MS Trust in 20 hours by offering guided tours of the City of London.

There will be around 45 guided tours throughout the day on Thursday 25 May, starting with 6am tours of Smithfield Market.

Tour guide and 20in20 organiser Ans Vaessen said, “Almost ten years on from a diagnosis of possible MS, I look back and see that diagnosis caused a change in my mentality that has brought me joy in life. But I also understand I have been one of the lucky ones and I wanted to do something for those who weren’t as fortunate.

“This is how the idea of a guiding event to raise £20,000 was born. The event will consist of a walking tour beginning every hour and there will also be some exclusive walks. For me it was important to do something that everybody can take part in.”

You can join one of the tours from just £20 and get unique insights into the City’s architecture, history and customs from an experienced and qualified guide. There will be opportunities to explore the City by bicycle as well as on foot, and there will be tours tailor-made for wheelchair users or people with visual impairment.

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